Latest Version: 2.0085 (November 15th, 2008) 

Current Release

Version Platform Updates Download
2.0085 Home Edition
  • Fixes usortable email log bug resulting in no emails (#0031).
  • Adds 'from' field for email text logs (#0030).
  • Adds filter list download ability through List Manager.

Prior Releases (Use only for repair of previous versions.)

Version Platform Updates Download
2.0084 Home Edition
  • Increases DNS packet buffer size (#0028).
  • Fixes multiple email log bug (#0029).
  • Fixes non-persistent remote viewer configuration changes.
2.0083 Home Edition
  • Fixes update notification bug.
  • Adds automatic video log deletion (#0020).
2.0082 Home Edition
  • Fixes discovery service firewall bug.
  • Fixes SMTP server not added to whitelist bug (#0025).
  • Fixes installer not using temporary directory (permissions) bug.
2.0081 Home Edition
  • Adds the ability to choose SMTP port for emails (#0022).
  • Password protects helper application.
2.0080 Home Edition
  • Fixes default port change bug (#0016).